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Cool Machine is an online concept store that invites observation, curiosity and fun as you would visit an art gallery.
Young talent creators, craftspeople, emerging artists and designers are carefully selected around the globe. The selected creations, unique pieces or small series, are meant to be quirky and charismatic. They mingle and rub shoulders with harmony. Their contemporary design reveals a modern and vintage influence that is often inspired by the Bauhaus and Memphis Milano movements. Cool Machine frees itself from the frantic pace of fashion by sharing singular pieces that we never tire of.
Since the launch of its online store in 2015, Cool Machine has affirmed its identity through strong visuals, daring colors and a neat aesthetic, signature of its universe.


Talent hunters for 5 years

Highlight emerging artists & designers

Online art gallery, lab of ideas

Creating original content

Influence on social media


Helene Rebelo Cool Machine


She’s the creator, curator, the A.D., but also the little hands whose prepare and take care of your orders. She studied aesthetic, briefly worked as a make up artist then fell in love with fashion and color. She developed a deep interest for art and artisanat and needed to share it through Cool Machine, mixing contemporary and vintage influences. She’s got a problem with vases, she’s an addict. On Instagram 12 hours a day looking for inspiration, new designers and for manage her 4 accounts. Always overwatched by Edouard.
Never stops.



Edouard is a couteau-suisse. He intervents in the technical processes as the website managing, putting a lot of (useful) plug-ins in WordPress, the webdesign, strategy and analysis to make your experience better. He’s also a logistic fantastic and the newsletter author. He takes part in the photos sets and makes videos. Minimum 1L of fresh coffee a day. Always disturbed by Hélène.
Always splitting hairs.

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